The latest news on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retailing

Pump Price Screams 33 Cents Higher to $4.71

For summer 2022, stars aligning to ugly


Couche-Tard Begins U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Rollout

Retailer planning 200 sites across North America by 2024

Republicans and oil industry groups call the legislation ‘unnecessary’

Geopolitical factors increase headaches for consumers and retailers

Company looks to divest "non-core components"

Payment app has saved members $20 million on fuel

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average age of a currently open underground storage tank is 27 years old. With so many tanks rapidly approaching their 30th year of service...

Between recent spikes in fuel prices, worldwide supply chain disruptions, environmental concerns and more, higher-ethanol biofuels have come to the forefront as a solution for retailers and consumers ...

Low retail gasoline margin unsustainable

Kevin Ahnert to oversee payment solutions and controls

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